National Energy HSSE Orientation Portal

National Energy Contractor Orientation -Re-certification

Welcome to the National Energy Contractor Orientation Training. You must complete both the Savonetta Pier HSSE and Security Awareness Orientation below. The Feedback Survey must also be completed before the Certificate of Completion can be awarded.

Please note: Each orientation has a supporting quiz comprising fifteen (15) questions, of which an 80% pass grade is required before moving forward. You can commence the Orientation and Sign In and return to this page at anytime to pick up from where you left off.

When you click on any of the Orientation sessions below, you will be required to view the supporting video, before taking the quiz.

You can commence a video then return to where you left off if you sign out. However, once you commence a quiz, you MUST complete it before signing out as a quiz in progress cannot be saved.

To the right of this screen you will see a dashboard of your progress. Any items with a red checkmark above it have already been successfully completed.

Please also note: Security Awareness will only become available when the Savonetta Pier HSSE Orientation video and quiz have been successfully completed.

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