National Energy HSSE Orientation Portal

Step 2
View Orientation Videos and Complete Quizzes

  1. Upon successful registration and account creation, click the Orientation link in the menu.  You will be taken to a My Courses screen.  There you will see a thumbnail of the orientation course you have been enrolled in
  2. Click the “National Energy Contractor Orientation” icon to access the orientation
  3. When this screen is displayed, you will see a Welcome message with instructions and a button marked “Get Started”.  Note, this button is only displayed if you are now signing in for the first time.  If you commenced the orientation and sign in at a later date to continue, you will see a “Continue” button instead.  Click on Get Started to proceed  
  4. The Savonetta Pier HSSE Orientation video will be displayed.  Please read the instructions carefully on this page before proceeding.  Note:  You must successfully pass the Savonetta Pier quiz before getting access to the Security Awareness orientation
  5. Click the play button to start the video.  At anytime during the video you can proceed to select “Take Quiz” to commence the quiz.  Please read the quiz instructions carefully before proceeding
  6. When you click “Take Quiz” the Quiz Information page will be displayed with instructions and a “Start Quiz” button.  Click the Start Quiz button to proceed.  Please note:  You cannot start a quiz and return to it later, as a quiz in progress is not saved.  Once you start a quiz, you must complete all questions. To view the video and quiz simultaneously, you can right click the Take Quiz button and choose Open link in new tab 
  7. After answering the first question click “Next Question” to continue until you have reached the end of the quiz.  At anytime during the quiz, you can click the “Previous Question” button to go back to a past question and change your answer.  When all questions have been completed, click the “Complete Quiz” button.  The quiz will automatically be graded and you will know if you have passed or failed the quiz
  8. If you passed the quiz, you can proceed to the “Security Awareness” orientation by selecting “Next Lesson” or clicking the Orientation link in the menu, then the National Energy Contractor Orientation icon, Security Awareness. Follow the same steps above to look at the video and take the supporting quiz
  9. If you did not pass the quiz on your first attempt, your results will be displayed and a “Start Quiz” button below.  You can click this to attempt the quiz again
  10. After successfully completing both quizzes you must also fill out the feedback survey which gives us an idea of your experience navigating and working with the portal
  11. Once both quizzes and the feedback survey are completed, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion
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